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It is assumed that the navigator to this page knows how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. If not, start with WikiPedia. Keep in mind, you are not playing against the computer, you are using the computer to log the score between you and your partner.

Once you have played Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide how you will make your throws (there is often some argument here), here are some step by step instructions on how to use this interface and tally your score.

I will assume you just want to play around a bit before becoming serious enough to register, So:

  1. Enter names in the "Player 1" & "Player 2" boxes.
  2. Enter your relationship with each other in the separate "Relation" boxes (if you like).
  3. The date is automatically set for today.
  4. Choose a type of game to play (I suggest "Tournament" for the first time).
  5. Go to the top left corner of the box you're in and click "Play Game!"
  6. The screen will transform to the tallying interface. Play and score each throw. And, remember, only one player keeps his/her score, the partner's score will be kept automatically. There is no advantage whatever, as to who scores, or who is player 1.
  7. Tie rounds are as important to the scoring system as Wins and Losses, so tally them as they happen.
After you score your first throw, the "Back 1", and the "Reset" buttons become active. You may find (as I did) that scoring is a bit difficult in the heat of battle. It is easy to hit the wrong button. So, even though only one player will be scoring his/her game, both players should be attentive to the procedure. Mistakes are much easier and quicker to catch in time to use the "Back 1" button if both players are keeping watch. If 2 mistakes happen in a row, the first one can't be corrected, so, that is what the "Reset" button is for.

After either player wins 2 throws, the interface will automatically switch to the second game and bars will fill up below the first game to indicate who won and who lost that first round. This is tournament play, best 2 out of 3, so if the same player wins the second round, the game will automatically end and a pop-up window will announce this, as well as direct you to the "Score Board" button below. If the game is closer, and all three rounds are played, the same stoppage occurs. Again, click the "Score Board" button on the lower left of the box.

At the score sheet page, you will see some graphs with a break-down of usage of symbols, and a tally of wins, losses, and ties. You will also see an "Adjusted Score", and a "Mean Deviation" number, which you can learn more about at the Welcome => Instructions => Scoring page.

You will notice that the "Save Game" button is missing (if you haven't registered). The button will be present and active for registered users, who can save their games into cyber-perpetuity for later reference and comparison.

From the "Score Sheet" page, click below on the "Charts" button to see your score graphically. The new page defaults to the "Values" chart. The "Symbols" chart and "Symbol/Values" chart give additional views.

Clicking the "Reports" button will produce a page with all the graphs and charts on the same page, which can be printed out for a hard copy of this particular game. This hard copy would be your only way to go back, after registering, re-entering the same values, and saving the game.

Clicking the "Search" button will bring you to a searchable table, from which the unregistered user's game will be missing. Playing around a bit here will show you the possibilities. All buttons here, except the "New Game" button, can be freely clicked between, back and forth, without losing your game score.

Clicking the "New Game" button will warn the unregistered player that his game will be lost; it will prompt the registered player to save his game if he hasn't yet. Clicking the "New Game" button will bring the registered user to a new game page with his and his former partner's name already filled in, though he/she must still fill in the other criteria ("Relation", "Type Game") which will become clear in the next sentence. Any player, registered or unregistered, can play any number of games of any type with any new person of any new relationship, but the first names of the first 2 registered players transport to the new page as a reminder of logged in status, but these names can be changed as appropriate.

It is true enough that many people can play on a double login by one registered user and save the games. There is no harm to this, as there is no registration fee, but all unregistered users will be severely hampered in their future search capabilities without filling in the additional criteria on the registration page. Nor will the unregistered games show up on someone else's search, even for something as simple as "Male" or "Female". You are encouraged to register to enhance the search capabilities of all.

You have what you need to get started now, but if you're at all interested in the "Adjusted Score", or the "Mean Deviation", please proceed to: Welcome => Instructions => Scoring

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