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The Reports page is where it all comes together. Here you can view and print all your charts and graphs on a single page. There is a place to put notes too, and fill in names if the ones that transport over aren't to your liking. If you're a registered player, and have saved the game you just played already, there is no hurry to print out here. You can come back at any time, search for any particular game, or games, pull them up on the Reports page and print them out.

Unregistered players may want to print out a Report page, in that their game hasn't and won't save, and this would be their only record of this just played game. If later, the unregistered player's interest piques, then he can register and replay the game from the values seen on the Report sheet.

If you print out too many of these pages, you would be regarded as "Unarguably Anal", but there would certainly be a time when you wanted to print out a Report for one purpose or another. We have now added the functionality of downloading a jpg image that can either be printed or saved to file.

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