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The history of Rock, Paper, Scissors is remarkable, in that several nationalities claim to have invented it. The Japanese, or Chinese, might have the best claim. But the Celtics, Scandanavians, and the Romans all have piped up with a claim sometime in the distant past. I could write more here, but you can get a full run-down on RPS history at Wikipedia

However, if I am correct on the Theory page, that some type of 3-way dynamic is built into the woof and the warp of the universe, then maybe the Uta Stansburiana lizards can claim the title of creator some millions of years ago. Reptiles, as we know, predated man, and they've been playing, living, actually, the game for perhaps hundreds of times longer than the Japanese or Chinese, not to mention the Romans, who say they only popularized it around 700 ad after they whooped the Celts and spread the game around their empire.

I don't think the Vietnamese have any claim on creating the game, but they sure have a cute way of playing it!

Wizard of Id

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