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There are so many ways to play this game. The only thing of major importance is that both players synchronize their throws. No opposing player, even for a split second, should be allowed to have any indication of the other player's coming throw. So, synchronization is a must. However, if you want to prepare for the RPS Tournament circuit, you should do 3 primes (pumping of fist), and then a throw.

The other situation, that even I fought in the beginning, is that the Paper throw must be flat, palm down, on the palm of the hand not throwing - or at least flat in the open air in front of the player who uses Paper. If this throw is played vertically, with the axe edge of the hand on the palm of the non throwing hand, it is just too easy to change the throw at the last millisecond to either Rock , or even easier to bend back a couple of fingers to make Scissors. Abide by this rule just to keep everybody honest.

Whether you agree on 3 primes, or 4 primes is really immaterial, as long as both players are agreed. It just doesn't work when one player throws after only 2 primes, and the other player beats him/her having an extra prime for contemplation - especially when the losing player must remove an article of clothing upon losing. Don't laugh! It seems there is a fairly organized group somewhere who plays "strip Rock, Paper, Scissors". For such high stakes, you can be sure they want synchronization!

If you're a Uta stansburiana lizard, on the other hand, you are allowed to be out of sync. "For side-splotched lizards, the model researchers have used is the game of rock-paper-scissors. Just as a rock crushes--and so beats--scissors in the game, orange-throated lizards out-compete the less aggressive blue-throated males; just as scissors cut paper, protective blue-throated lizards win against sneaky yellow-throated males; and as paper covers a rock, the yellow-throated lizards are successful against roving orange-throated males." So, if you are one of these, you can just bluster up to the lizard you can beat, and he will run away upon seeing you. But then, you must run from the x-throated lizard that can beat you. Sync is not involved, but the rules are the same, so stay on your toes!

For a really good explanation of all the rules, please go to the World RPS Society and look around their site.

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