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The Charts page provides 3 different views of your score. This page works for either an individual game just played, or for a search you have done, for either an individual score, or a group average score. Keep in mind though, that if you search for some individual or group, and click the Charts button, any individual game just played, but not saved, will be lost.

The Values Chart will show you your Wins, Losses, and Ties. This chart is pretty straight forward, and comes as no surprise, since you\'ve already seen these values on the Score table. Not too interesting at this point, nevertheless, it is a graphic representation of your Wins, Losses, and Ties. These values will become more interesting when grouped together with the symbol use chart.

The Symbols Chart shows your usage of the symbols, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Here you can see onto which symbols you place the most and least importance. Or, it may show how the partner you are playing with is forcing you to play out of balance. This you can decipher after you have played multiple games with multiple partners to see your average use of symbols.

The Symbols-Values chart is the most interesting and most useful. Here you see your usage of the symbols along side your Wins, Losses, and Ties with the symbols. Hopefully this will give you some insight into how you play with this person you have just played with, or with the person or group that you just searched for. Now would be the time to wonder if and how the 3 symbols of the game relate to some other 3-way break down listed on the Theory page. You will certainly be able to see here the number of times you used a symbol, and how effective your use of this particular symbol is. This is useful information to the RPS Warrior, about his own play, and very useful information about an opponent\'s play.

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