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If you choose to play the Relational game, you are encouraged to play spontaneously using only the psyche of your partner to choose your next throw. If you play this way, you will get a good reading of your natural balance of play in the use of the 3 symbols. And if you play spontaneously, you might see in the dynamic of your Wins, Losses, and Ties a correlation to your relationship with this particular opponent. If you play with a prepared, or pre-planned system, you will not get a reading of your spontaneous balance of play with the symbols, nor will you get a reading of the natural, spontaneous, dynamic of Wins, Losses, and Ties with your partner. Save the "gambits", as the cheerful and lively folks at the World RPS Society have labelled pre-planned sequences of play, for your tournament matches. Nor should you have any pre-plan, or system for playing the perfect balance of symbols - 9 Rock, 9 Paper, 9 Scissors. Not only will this tell you nothing about either your or your partner's psychic reading abilities, your partner will probably pick up on your system, beat your pants off, thus raising your Mean Deviation, lowering your adjusted score, and making you look like a fool with your meagre overall Wins. On the other hand, if you're having fun, go for it! Play any way you like. But if you are interested in your psychic reading abilities, and your balance of play between symbols, and your balance of Wins, Losses, and Ties with different partners, then play each and every game spontaneously, referring only to your partner's psyche in the spontaneous moment of play.


No holds barred here! Play to win however you want. And I can do no better than refer the RPS Warrior to The "World RPS Society for well thought out strategy. Keep in mind, though, the 2006 USARPS Championship game played by Dave "The Drill" McGill vs. Robert "Fast-Twitch" Twitchel for $50,000. McGill won the title and the $money, and his last throw brought his Mean Deviation down below Twitchel, the loser. You can search this game on the search page using the terms The Drill, and Fast-Twitch and see the numbers yourself. This may be just an anomaly, but it will take some RPS Warriors on the contest circuit to save some of their scores here for further testing of this hypothesis. In any case, the World RPS Society beat me to the punch, labelling the 'Paper, Paper, Paper' Gambit as 'The Bureaucrat', which I bow to, but to me, since I relate Rock, Paper, Scissors to Think, Feel, Do, I will continue to think of McGill's last gambit as "Maudlin Molly" - 'Feel, Feel, Feel'. Strange that this last gambit brought his Mean Deviation down, but because of his former play, it did. Strange that someone was bold enough to play this last gambit with $50k at stake, but he did, and it worked - in every way: Title of Champ, $50k in the bank, highest traditional score, highest Adjusted Score, and lowest Mean Deviation. Something to wonder about.

By the way, should a hyper-competitive RPS Warrior be reluctant to log his scores here, thus giving away his strategy, fear not! This site is interested only in balance of play, and does not log 'gambits'. This site only wishes to allow all "Latter Day Saint TiddlyWink players in Boise", to be able to compare and contrast their scores with all "blonde Buddhist Sumo wrestlers in Bien Dien" (my wife's home village in Viet Nam) for World Peace. Your gambits and strategy are safe here!


The strategy for the Championship type game is exactly the same as the Tournament game. The Championship game was scripted about 10 years ago when a group was discovered that used this scoring sequence for the final match of their championship contest. The final two players, instead of playing just 3 more rounds, would play 3 games of 3 rounds, and make the winner of 2 of these games the champ. This group seems to have disappeared, perhaps relenting to the championship rules of both the World RPS Society, and the Budweiser USARPS group. So, this game type may be redacted in the future, as the other two game types cover almost all types of play. Also, since it is possible to win the overall game by playing only 4 games, it leaves up to 5 unplayed games to account for mathematically, which is difficult. The scores for this game, though accurate for throws won, and games won, are not very accurate for Mean Deviation and Adjusted scores. However, people who play this game type probably aren't very interested in these other contrived scores anyway. Kids might like this game type. You know how they are always saying, "Come on! Just one more!". On the other hand, students, scientists, geeks, and even RPS Warriors on the contest circuit may want their Mean Deviations and Adjusted Scores to be as accurate as possible to gauge their play, so these Championship scores will be hideable on the search page - if the game type doesn't get redacted for lack of use.

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