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Many in the past have found fascination with a 3-way break down of things. Collected general knowledge has given us:
Animal | Vegetable | Mineral

Science has give us a few:
Solid | Liquid | Gas
Proton | Neutron | Electron

Law enforcement has give us:
Means | Motive | Opportunity

Web programmers, like Larry Ullman, have given us:
Model | View | Controller
(Instruction from Ullman's books, and an embarrassing amount of copy & paste from the files that come with his books, are responsible for the scripting of this site).

The American Indian has given us:
Earth | Human | Sky

Moms ("Eat every potato and pea on your plate!") have given us:
Meat | Vegetables | Potatoes
You didn't, really!? Did You!? Pee on your plate!? (For non U.S. indiginites.)

The philosopher Hegal has given us:
Thesis | Antithesis | Synthesis

Sigmond Freud has given us:
Id | Ego | Superego

Buddha has given us:
Buddha | Sangha | Dharma

The Abrahamic tradition has given us:
Christians | Muslims | Jews

Christianity has given us:
The Father | The Son | The Holy Ghost

The spiritual philosopher Ken Wilber has given us (Whoa!):
Prepersonal | Personal | Transpersonal
Prerational | Rational | Transrational
The Good | The True | The Beautiful
Biosphere | Noosphere | Theosphere
Consciousness | Culture | Nature
Aesthetics | Morals | Science
Gross | Subtle | causal
And, the best for last (worth about 20 years of study)
I | We | It

And then there was Frank Baum, with The Wizard of Oz who gave us:
Straw Man | Tin Man | Lion
Mind | Heart | Courage
Think | Feel | Do
This was the 3-way dynamic that popped into my head, along with:
Rock | Paper | Scissors
while re-watching the old movie in 1972, setting me to wonder for all these years if there was some connection, comparison, correlation between the two 3-way dynamics, and more particularly, if the dynamics of my Rock, Paper, Scissors play were possibly a gauge, or thermometer of my balance with the other 3-way dynamic, Think, Feel, Do, that Dorothy instinctively felt important to bring on her journey.
So, if you're a bit geeky, like me, gather your:
Body | Mind | Spirit
quit crying in your beer over things in the:
Past | Present | Future
and come along with Dorothy and the:
Straw Man | Tin Man | Lion
and play a few rounds of:
Rock | Paper | Scissors
just for:
F | U | N!
Are you ready for some Rules => Strategy?

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