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The game Rock, Paper, Scissors is played all over the world in almost all cultures. In fact, an RPS scholar (if there were such a silly person) might find that all cultures, from tribal to highly civilized, would have some version of this 3 way game - even if it was something like Rock, Hide, Flint, played by Fred and Barney Flintstone. Some sort of three-way dynamic seems to be woven into the woof and warp of the Cosmos. (More at the Rules=>Theory page.) The game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is not only a universally uncontested conflict resolution method, but it can be played cheerily amongst and between all races, religions, genders, and ages. Pretty cool!

Any person who stumbles upon this page can play any of the 3 types of games presented. Then they can see the charts and graphs and marvel at the results. This person can even click the 'Reports' button, see all the charts and graphs together, and print the page. However, this unregistered person cannot save their games to the database for future reference, and comparison to other players.

And note the dual registration. This, of course, is so that 2 registered players can save their game only once, and both will save equally, and be searchable later with all the criteria they have entered on the registration form. However, if there is only 1 registered player, he/she may login in double, needing only to change one of the names that pop up in the "Player #" boxes. The disadvantage to this, is that the unregistered player's games will only be searchable by the single criteria that he has entered into the "Player #" box.

Registered players may save their games with any other player (registered or unregistered), and search the database with any of the criteria in the registration form. Registering is appropriate for anyone wanting to gather several scores over time and average them. It might also be interesting to compare all registered males with all registered females to see what dynamic this produces. A creatively inquisitive person might even like to compare different religions, different ethnicities, etc. It might be important to some to know the overall, average results of all games played between all Transvestive - Wiccan - Mud Wrestlers and all Gay - Buddhist - Cage Fighters. So, please register if you are one of these.

So, if you are at all interested or intrigued by this 'Unarguably Anal' scoring system, please take a few moments to register, so you can see (over time) how you play with certain individuals, how differently you play with different individuals, and how your scores compare to the scores of others. From here I suggest the Welcome => Instructions => Playing page.

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